september wrap-up

Welcome ladies, gentlemen and everything in between. Today I’m sharing my september wrap-up with you all. We’ll go through the books I’ve read, phsyical and on audiobook. Let’s go!

Since school started this month I had way less time to read compared to August, when I read around 20 books. But I did get the chance to read around 9 books. These are in the order I’ve read them in.

1. City of Bones – Cassandra Clare

This was such an awful book! I gave it two stars and it took me two months to read, with a lot of breaks in between. The protagonist Clary annoyed me from the first page to the last. She was so judgemental and always thinks that she can do everything she wants. I wanted to give this series a try since it’s one of the most popular YA series ever, but it disappointed me. I did really like Cassandra Clare’s writing style, which reads very quickly. I read the Infernal Devices a few months ago and absolutely loved that trilogy.

2. City of Ashes – Cassandra Clare

Irene, you just said you hate City of Bones and then you decide to read the sequel? Yes, I know, I make no sense at all, but I have the whole six books at home so it would be such a waste if I didn’t give this series a second try. I liked this book way more, there’s a high chance that’s because there were multiple perspectives and I didn’t have to read about Clary all the time. This was a solid 3,5 stars to me.

3. It ends with us – Colleen Hoover

I read this masterpiece on audiobook and BOIIII did I love it. This book is a whole emotional rollercoaster and I finished it in one day. I definetly cried while reading this book and it has to be one of my favorite books of the year. I really recommend this to new adult lovers! 5 stars.

4. To all the boys I’ve loved before – Jenny Han

THIS BOOK IS SO CUTE AND FLUFFY. The idea itself is adorable and it just makes my heart smile a little. But the main reason why I loved this book so much is because I can see myself so much in Lara Jean. I relate to a big part of her and it just makes me so happy that I’m not alone. I am someone who loves baking, crafting and reading too, and while I don’t have a Peter Kavinsky in my life, our personalities are so similar. Also, prisoner of azkaban best HP book? Yas queen. You deserve a good 4 stars!

5. P.s. I still love you – Jenny Han

After loving the first book I had such high expectations for the sequel but sadly this was a bit disappointing. I was bored throughout most of the book and now I’m more team John Ambrose, oops.

6. This Savage Song – Victoria Schwab

Since I’m meeting V. E. Schwab in October I bought this book and I loved it so much. The concept is so perfect and I now have another new favorite character: August. He’s so so lovely, the perfect bruised cinnamon roll and I just want to give him a hug. I love how this book doesn’t need romance to be good. I gave this book 4 stars.

7. City of Ghosts – Victoria Schwab

Another Schwab book, this time on audio. I love the concept but I am generally not the biggest fan of middle grade. I’d like to read Tunnel of Bones one day though! I gave this book 3,5 stars.

8. Dry – Neal Shusterman, Jarrod Shusterman

I read this book as a reviewer copy. My next blog post will be a Dutch review for this one so keep an eye out for it!

9. The Kingdom – Jess Rothenberg

This book was so cool and I loved the idea thaf Jess Rothenberg had in mind. You can find my Dutch review here:

That’s all for this blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I can’t wait to share another wrap-up next month. Love you all!

Wishing you all the books in the universe,


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  1. Hahaha ga je de hele serie van city of bones nog uitlezen?

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    1. Jep ik ga da proberen haha😂😂

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  2. thereaderinpink says:

    Leuke wrap-up!

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